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“Let me buy you a cup of coffee and let's see if therapy  is right for you.”

You don't need to spend another day needlessly suffering from anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues or relationship problems. You can learn new skills, develop new understanding, and get the help you've been looking for. All it takes is a phone call to learn if I'm the right therapist for you.
My name is Dave Ebaugh. I'm a licensed therapist. You might still be thinking about it, but if you're ready, I'm ready to talk to you. And to help sweeten the deal, I'll email you a $5 Starbucks gift card just for spending 15 minutes on the phone with me.
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Click on the link below to set up your 15 minutes. Just let me know a little about you and when I can reach you for our phone consultation. When we talk I'll ask you to tell me why you are looking for therapy, how long you've been dealing with this, and how you will know therapy will be helpful to you. I'll talk about how I work with clients and what you can expect. You can learn more about me and my approach to counseling at my website. If you are ready for counseling, call me, we'll talk, I'll send you a Starbucks gift card whether you make an appointment with me or not. But I'm certain that after talking with me, you'll be better prepared to start counseling with me. Click here to set up your phone appointment.

Starbucks Gift Card offer is for a limited time. You must by 18 years or older, live or work within
10 miles of address listed below, and carry health insurance by a major carrier such as Regence
Blue Cross/Blue Shield, ODS, Pacific Source, LifeWise, Providence Health Plans, or other major carrier.